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5G “5th generation mobile communication system” with new possibilities for mobile communication. Morita Tec’s component solutions for 5G have been developed and provided with a unique concept and approach, including antenna couplers, and have already been adopted by several customers.   In addition to understanding the characteristics of radio waves and modulated waves that change with each frequency, we consider what products can smoothly support trial production and mass production of customers’ radio equipment, and make them attractive together with their ideal form. We strive to provide a certain product.
we will consider Morita Tech’s 5G components and solutions and hope to contributeto your development, design, manufacturing and inspection processes.

5G 「第5代移动通信系统」为移动通信带来新的可能性。 森田科技公司的5G测量用元器件・解决方案是以独特的概念和方式研发的,已向多家客户提供包括天线耦合器在内的多项产品。

5G Antenna Coupler

Kinds of Antenna Couplers that frequency range from 600MHz to 43.5GHz in a size from a hand size to a coin size are in the lineup of Morita Tech. I think we can find the antenna coupler suitable for the guest’s environment. Please confirm the details.

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Various shielding box

In addition to 5G device evaluation, we also have shield boxes for communication evaluation of various other terminals such as the 4G smartphones, mobile phones, game machines, tablets, and so on. The shield box for 5G device evaluation realizes a compact size by combination with our antenna coupler described above. Customized products and standard products is available, please contact our sale department.


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Bidirectional Frequency Converter

The 3GHz↔28GHz、3GHz↔39GHz band bidirectional frequency converters are available. Benefits include attenuation in transmission environment and the ability to divert existing 4G (LTE) transmission equipment.

我公司有3GHz↔28GHz、3GHz↔39GHz 两种双向变频器。其优点包括在RF传输环境中注重衰减量和可活用已有的4G(LTE)传输设备。

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Multi-channel Wild Band Level Detector

This RF detection unit detects 500MHz to 43.5GHz radio waves and converts them to DC voltage for simple inspection of 5G equipment development and manufacturing (mass production) lines. Up to 9 power detection units can be installed (expanded) and configured with the required number of units.

这是面向5G检测用设备开发・制造(量产)生产线上做简易检测, 可检测电波频率为500MHz~43.5GHz,并将其转换为直流电输出的 RF检出装置。电力输出装置,最大可配备9个模块,可根据需要进 行选择组装。

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Other items such as cable

The other 5G products such as the cable、probe、AMP and switch are on our lineup.

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