3D spatial electromagnetic field visualization system (WM9500)
3D 空间电磁波可视化系统(WM9500)


3D spatial electromagnetic field visualization system (WM9500)
3D 空间电磁波可视化系统(WM9500)

3D spatial electromagnetic field visualization system (WM9500)
The 3D space electromagnetic field visualization system (hereinafter referred to as this system) is a system that aims to detect the XYZ position in space with a handheld coordinate sensor and measure the noise radiated from the object to be measured in 3D. is. You can easily measure noise using your antenna or sensor. In this system, the measurement point in space can be set arbitrarily, which enables noise measurement with a high degree of freedom compared to the conventional noise measurement system.

3D 空间电磁波可视化系统(WM9500)

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Scan range 0.6m~5m
Optical resolution ±1mm (measuring distance 2m)/ ±3mm (measuring distance 5m)
Analysis resolution setting arbitrarily on the software
扫描范围 0.6m~5m
分解能 ±1mm (测定距离2m)/ ±3mm (测定距离5m)
测定分解能 可在软件上进行任意设定

Measurement theory

In the measuring range, the scan area can be set freely to complete the measurement. The scan step in the space also can be set freely. The date of the XYZ coordinate and the electromagnetic noise can be measured in a same time. The noise maps of the XZ plane, XY plane, YZ plane can be displayed after measuring.


Feature 1 Epoch-making method High accuracy 3D measurement
特征 1 划时代的手法 高精度的3D测试

WM9500 can detect the location of the XYZ in the space out by using infrared sensor and measure the electromagnetic wave emitted from the target objects.

  • The photo image got by an equipping specialized stereo camera can displayed on the PC, which can help us to determine the measurement area.
  • Putting the hand-held antenna on where you want to measure to set an infrared mark on. The numbers of the mesh can be elected from 1 to 10 freely, the noise map will be displayed and saved on the PC by moving the antenna freely.

So, we can get the indispensable date to analyze the noise source, the radiate pattern and the frequencies.


  • 设置有专用的立体相机,立体先机取得的图像数据可在电脑上实时显示,可以用来确定测试的区域。
  • 将手持式天线放在想要测试的地方并设定为红外线标记。可将测定区域划分为从1到10的任意数量的立方体网格,自由移动天线的话,干扰图数据就会被显示和保存在电脑中了。


Feature 2 User-friendly Easy to operate
特征 2 易于使用 操作简便

No matter how the measuring environment and where the place is, the coordinates can be detected by infrared. And the test doesn’t be affected by the site lightness and the color of the target objects, so the noise of the units and the end products can be measured. It is possible to measure in almost all the places regardless of the narrow place or darkroom such as the car engine room and truck room. The most attractive feature of the WM9500 is that it can easily obtain detailed and multidimensional measurement date by utilizing the mobility of hand-held measurement method.


Feature 3 Combinate freely
特征 3 可自由组合

The 5 basic structures of the system are composed of “stereo camera” with tripod integrated CCD camera, note PC for controlling, controller unit, marking ball and specialized software.
It is possible to use the spectrum analyzer and antenna for measuring you have directly due to their portability to reduce the cost of introduction at first.