President’s Message


President’s Introduction

Osamu Morita
Oct. 1953 Born in Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo
Mar.1968 Graduated from Koyamadai High School
Mar.1978 Graduated from Electrical Major, Department of Science, Aoyama Gakuin University
Apr. 1978 Joined in Morita Electric Co.,Ltd.
Feb.1993 Resigned from Morita Electric Co.,Ltd.
Mar.1993 Established Morita Tech Co.,Ltd.
Became Representative Director until now

森田 治
1953年10月 出生于东京品川区
1968年 3月 毕业于东京都立小山台高等学校
1978年 3月 毕业于青山学院大学理工学部电气电子工学专业
1978年 4月 入职森田电机株式会社
1993年 2月 自森田电机株式会社离职
1993年 3月 创建森田科技株式会社

President’s Message

Not all the companies in the world started an undertaking with a lofty ideal, at least I am not. To be honest, I started the company embarrassedly just want to earn a little bread after the bubble economy fell through. But I realized that I am very different from what I was in the past as a salaryman. I think it’s our duty to complete the jobs perfectly that we had received from the customers hardly and always thinking the questions below when I am working. what should we do to please customers, what’s the customers expect us to do? How should we do to achieve a surprising result that exceeded those expectations? And, whether we can do something earlier for the next job? Those changes happened to me.

We had celebrated the 20th anniversary of our company in March,2013. We are a small company, but the number of the employee increased a lot compares with when the company was established. And the thought that want to see the surprised and delighted faces of customers when the job completed beyond their expectation doesn’t change at all. The only thing that changed is that not only me, but all the employees also think so.

It’s obviously that the customers are important. But for me, the employees who value our customers are more important. In the same way, the cooperating companies who value our company are also very important. I will continue to work in my own thoughts like this.

Representative Director : Osamu Morita


代表取缔役:森田 治