Shield Box Solutions


We can provide you the most suitable and quality products customized in size, shape and specification, even if you want buy one. Kinds of customized shield box are in our product lineup, with the extra functions like hand-in function, temperature control function and so on.

One hand in type (MODEL: WM1019-0453H)

It is possible to operate the communication terminals and the game consoles with communication function in the shield box easily through putting one hand into the shield box. The expected jigs and antennas also can be installed in the shield box. Because of the using of the transparent window made of electromagnetic shield material, we can operate while looking at the devices in the box.
Shield characteristics: above 60dB (at 2.5GHz、when visual window is closed)

屏蔽特性:60dB以上(at 2.5GHz,目视用窗口关闭时)

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Hand in shield box (Two hands in type) (WM1019-04178H)

High performance hand-in shield box is a kind of hand-in type shield box with a 80dB shield characteristics, although put the wireless terminals, like phone、smartphone、tablet etc., in a strong electromagnetic environment, the non-signaled state can be realized. It is mainly suitable for mobile forensic and smart phone forensic.
It is also can be used in the OTA test because of the equipped jigs and antennas inside.

The high shield characteristic transparent visual window without metal mesh for electromagnetic shielding, with an excellent view, you can operate while looking at internal devices, and can be used in a function test.
And, put the Note PC and measuring instrument in the hand-in shield box in a chamber, the system can be operated in an environment that the RF signal and EMI noise are shut out
Shield characteristics: above 80dB



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The shield box with automatic switch

Because the opening and closing of the shield box can be automatic by controlled by the controlling PC, so it is possible to equip this on an automatic product line.
An auto-detecting system proposal includes analyzer is highly recommended because of all the shield box can be automatic.

The Chamber

This shield box not only can shut the electromagnetic wave inside and outside of the box out, but also can reduce the reflection of the electromagnetic wave emitted from the antennas and wireless module inside of the box, and reappear the electromagnetic coupling environment which with a little better multi pass.

  • Difference from the chambers before, compact and light weight.
  • Easy to move because of the equipped casters
  • Fit for the target objects, the interface can be customized
  • No-appointment-needed, shorten the development time
  • Inter effective dimension:60cm(W)×60cm(D)×60cm(H)
  • Shield characteristics:60dB(at 6GHz)
  • Internal reflection absorption characteristics:20dB( at 400MHz) / 40dB (at 1GHz)


  • 与之前的电波暗室不同,小型轻量
  • 带车轮,易移动
  • 适合被测物体,接口面板可客制化
  • 电波暗室无需预约,实现开发期间的缩短
  • 内部有效尺寸:60cm(W)×60cm(D)×60cm(H)
  • 屏蔽特性:60dB(at 6GHz)
  • 内部反射吸收特性:20dB( at 400MHz) / 40dB (at 1GHz)

Large shield tent

The most suitable way to evaluate and analyzer the vehicle instruments by using the large shield tent that’s as big as a car.
2 people (4 people is advised) is enough to put up or pack the tent and the tent can be packed in the car trunk.
In addition to automotive applications, we also manufacture single-person tents to easily set up a test environment on the product line.

  • size:3m(W)×6m(D)×2.1m(H)
  • shield characteristic:About 30dB (at 1GHz)


  • 尺寸:3m(W)×6m(D)×2.1m(H)
  • 屏蔽特性:约30dB(at 1GHz)

Shield box equipped jigs

By equipping an inspection jig in the shield box can realize one action inspection.
In production line & inspection line, space saving and reduction of inspection time can be realized.

For module board inspection

For board inspection(slide type)