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    And, the personal information you filled in will be properly managed in strict accordance with the relevant
    regulations of the personal information protection law and our company’s personal information protection measures.

    The Policies of Personal Information Protection

    Morita Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) recognizes the importance of personal information in information society and the risk of personal information being infringed. We will devote ourselves to the protection of personal information with the strength of the whole company.

    1. The Acquiring of Personal Information

    The company will abide by the spirit of the personal information protection law and obtain personal information through proper channels.

    2.Personal Information Management

    Our company will manage the acquired personal information safely and correctly, and prepare the necessary physical and personnel management system for this purpose.
    In order to protect personal information in today’s IT society, the company will strive to improve the security system for illegal access.
    In order to protect the personal information handled by all employees below the directors, the company will carry out research on management methods.
    In order to manage personal information thoroughly, the company will set up a personal information management position to be responsible for the task.

    3. The use of personal information protection

    The personal information obtained by our company shall be used only within the scope of purpose for which it is obtained and
    to the extent necessary business.
    When our company entrusts the personal information processing to a third party or uses it together with a third party, we will do
    strict and appropriate investigation and supervision on the third party.

    4. Providing personal information to third parties

    Our company will not provide personal information to third parties without prior consent from customers themselves,
    except as required by law.

    5.Disclosure of personal information, etc.

    We will take appropriate and prompt response to the personal information obtained by the company if we receives the request of disclosure, revision, stopping using and deletion from customers themselves.

    6. Measures of Compliance Program

    In order to implement this policy and personal information protection measures, our company formulates relevant compliance procedures for personal information protection, and informs employees and other relevant personnel and make appropriate improvement in time.