WM7700 Partial discharge visualization system

This system detects electromagnetic waves caused by “partial discharge” generated when a high voltage is applied to an impulse winding tester, and identifies and visualizes the location where the discharge occurs.

  • Partial discharge occurrence location (electromagnetic wave) Intensity map and coil photo are superimposed and displayed
  • Easy to identify defective insulation
  • Contributes to speeding up the trial development of highly surge-resistant coils and improving performance
  • Contributes to faster defect analysis, improved reliability, and improved yield by improving processes


  • 叠加显示局部放电发生位置(电磁波)强度图和线圈照片
  • 易于识别绝缘缺陷处
  • 有助于加快高抗浪涌线圈的试制,提高产品性能
  • 提高性能有助于更快地进行缺陷分析,提高可靠性,并通过改进工艺提高产量