RF solution
RF 解决方案


Custom made switch box controlled by the switching by USB or LAN is available. And the low frequency active magnetic field sensor that can realize the measurement of low frequency from 10Hz, the optical magnetic field sensor by using the method of magneto-optical crystal and the optical probe are also in the strong product lineup.

通过使用客制化的RF switch box,提供可用USB或LAN进行切换控制 的方案 。此外,我公司的产品还包括可测定10Hz以上的低频电磁波 的主动磁 场传感器、运用了光学磁器结晶技术的光磁场传感器和光 探棒等元器件。

Interface box

Combine RF switch with high frequency device to design and manufacture various interface boxes.


High frequency signal switch box

  • One to four high frequency signal switch boxes.
  • Can be controlled by GPIB or USB, switched in a remote way or a local way.
  • The selected port is marked by LED.
  • The set of high gain amplifier, device power supply and RF cable are lineup (sold separately)
  • Can provide multi ports switch box such as 1 to 6, 1 to 10 and so on by using the high frequency switches.
  • The frequency band depends on the characteristics of the high frequency switch, the switching box up to 20GHz can be manufactured.
  • 对4的高频信号切换箱。
  • 可通过GPIB或USB进行控制,可远程或实地操作。
  • 被选择的端口有LED灯显示。
  • 准备有高增益放大器、设备电源和RF缆线的套装(单独售卖)
  • 通过高频开关的使用,可制造多端口的信号切换箱,如1对6、1对10等。
  • 可使用的频率范围取决于高频开关的性能,但我公司可生产最大20GHz的高频信号切换箱。

High frequency signal switch box (6×4 FULL MATRIX)
高频信号切换箱(6×4 全矩阵)

  • A switch box that can combinate 6×4 input&output ports with MATRIX.
  • Can be controlled by GPIB or USB.
  • port combination is marked by LED.
  • FULL MATRIX with 6×4 or 6×6 layout.
  • The frequency band depends on the characteristics of the high frequency switch, the switching box up to 20GHz can be manufactured.
  • 可将6×4的输出输入端口组装到全举证上的高频信号切换箱。
  • 可通过GPIB或USB进行控制。
  • 端口组合用LED等显示。
  • 6×4或6×6的全矩阵结构
  • 可使用频率范围取决于高频开关的性能,但我公司可生产最大20GHz的高频信号切换箱

Down Converter

  • A down converter incorporating RF AMP.
  • Up converter is also designed and manufactured.
  • 内置了RF放大器的下变频器。
  • 也设计制造下变频器。

1×4 Optical Switch Box
1×4 光路径切换箱

  • The route can be chosen freely by using the switches on the front panel.
  • The switch box controlled by PC via LAN or USB also can be manufactured.
  • 通过前面面板上的开关可选择任意的光路径。
  • 也可制造通过LAN或USB连接的电脑对其进行控制的切换箱。

Portable High Frequency Signal Switch Box

  • A 1 to 20 high frequency signal switch box.
  • It can keep working about 2 hours in where power supply is not available outdoor due to a built-in battery.
  • It can be controlled be PC connected by USB interface.
  • The compact design for portable
  • 1对20的高频信号切换箱。
  • 内置充电式电池,即使在户外无电源的情况下,也可持续工作约2小时。
  • 具有USB接口,可通过电脑对其进行控制。
  • 超小型设计,实现产品的可携带性。

High Frequency Filter

  • We design and manufacture various custom-made high frequency filters such as high pass filter, low pass filter, band rejection filter and so on.
  • The switch box incorporating filter also can be designed and manufactured.
  • 我公司设计生产各类客制化高频滤波器,如高通滤波器、低通滤波器和带阻滤波器等产品。
  • 也可生产设计内置了滤波器的切换箱。

Inspection Jigs

In order to fix the target items and prevent it from being touched, We developed the jigs uniquely to realize the test automation easily.


Jigs for mobile phone terminals inspection

  • Based on the image of the movements of marionette, jigs can make multiple actions with one operation.
  • Insert and remove various connectors with one action
  • The inspection will be completed in a short time.
  • 以机关木偶为原型,一个操作即可使其完成多个动作。
  • 可一步完成对各种借口的插拔。
  • 检查确定可在短时间内完成。

Various needle jigs

  • We design and manufacture needle jigs for various circuit board inspection.
  • We design and manufacture needle jigs equipped with RF probe.
  • The needle jigs also can be equipped on an electric circuit board.
  • The needle jigs also can be installed inside the shield box.
  • 设计制造各类线电路板检查用针夹具。
  • 设计制造安装有RF探头的针夹具。
  • 针夹具可安装在有电气回路的电路板上。
  • 针夹具也可被安装在屏蔽箱内。

Various Cables

We manufacture cables of different lengths that with SMA connectors, 3.5 mm (K) connectors, N connectors, etc. We also offer semi-flexible cables and semi-rigid cables that can reduce PIM (Passive Intermodulation)

我公司可生产不同长度的,带SMA接口的,带3.5mm(K)接口的,带N接口的缆线。亦可提供可减低相互变调偏差PIM( Passive Intermodulation)的半柔性系列缆线和半刚性系列缆线。