EMC Solution


The measurement of electromagnetic field and the visualization of electromagnetic should be able to measure the items from the fine parts inside of the LSI to the large size whole vehicle . We can provide ideal electromagnetic visualization systems to meet all needs . We can provide the electromagnetic measurement system equipped with near magnetic field probes and 3 axes developed in-house to meet the user’s needs.
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电磁场的测量和对电磁波可视化需要满足能够对从集成电路内精密构件到 汽车大小的设备的测量要求。我公司拥有满足各项测量要求的电磁波可视 化系统。通过组合我 公司研发的近磁场界探棒和小型3轴传感器,可为各类测量需求提供电磁 波测试方案。

WM7000 series for A4 to A3 size item measurement

3D Spatial Electromagnetic Field Visualization System(WM9500)

WM7000-3D 3D scanning software
WM7000-3D 3D扫描测量软件

WM9000 series for large size item measurement