[New product] WM7000-3D EMC noise scanner Software realize the 3D measurement with height direction added
[新产品] WM7000-3D EMC电磁干扰扫描仪 可实现附加高度方向的三维测量的软件

WM7000-3D Developed a software to add 3D scan measurement function to WM7000 series
3D space measurement function (WM7000-3D) software
3D space measurement by adding a measurement function in the Z-axis (height) direction
“Pitch” can be set for each X, Y, Z axis
Viewer (analysis software) Three-side display XY side (superposition of board photo and noise map)
It is possible to add functions to the existing WM7300 / WM7400.
The WM7000-3D Viewer software can be downloaded for free like the conventional products.

WM7000-3D 开发了一款在WM7000系列中增加三维扫描测量功能的软件
Viewer(分析软件)三面显示 XY侧(电路板照片与噪声图叠加)
WM7000-3D Viewer软件可像原有产品一样免费下载。