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5G Solution ENG/JPN

5G General Catalog【ENG/JPN】ver5

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5G Solution CHINESE

5G General Catalog【CHINESE】ver5

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Shiled Solution

Hand in shield box(One hand in type)(MODEL: WM1019-0453H)

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Hand in shield box(Two hands in type)(WM1019-04178H)

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EMC Solution

WM7000 series

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WM7400(up to A4 size)

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WM7300(up to A3 size)

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WM7000-3D(3D scan software)

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Probe Sensor

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3D Spatial Electromagnetic Field Visualization System(WM9500)

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MT-772 Sound Sensor

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Magneto-optical Field Measurement System and Magneto-optical Field Probe

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Custom-made Products

Electromagnetic Wave Irradiated probe

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Viewer Software for WM7000 series EMC Noise Scanner

[Operating environment] Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 for .NET Framework 4.x or later

If the size of the words on the screen cannot be minus 100%, the software screen will not be displayed correctly.
If it does not display correctly, check the settings in [Control Panel]-[Desktop Customization]-[Display].
If the system type of your personal computer is 32-bit operating system, select “Japanese download (32-bit version)”.

Japanese Download(64-bit version)

Japanese Download(32-bit version)

English download

3D scan Viewer Software for WM7000-3D EMC Noise Scanner

Link to Ipros

Viewer Software for 3D Spatial Electromagnetic Field Visualization System WM9500

[Operating environment] Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 for .NET Framework 3.5 / .NET Framework 4.x or later

WM9500 viewer (analysis software) with “3D mapping function” [Download for .NET 3.5] (
* If .NET Framework 3.5 cannot be enabled *
WM9500 viewer (analysis software) without “3D mapping function” [Download for .NET4.0] (
Operation confirmed in the environment without Win10, .net 3.5.

Download for NET3.5

Download for NET4.x

WM7000series EMC Noise Scanner Instruction Video

Link to youtube

WM9500 Demonstration Video

Link to youtube